Fourteen-Day Shelf Life for fresh fruits and vegetables

 Hefestus, Ltd., is a developer and manufacturer of top-sealing packaging machines with the innovative packaging solutions SLB technology. Hefestus specializes in supplying unique and complete packaging solutions for fresh fruits and vegetables.

SLB represents a ground breaking evolution in packaging technology that significantly extends product shelf-life while maintaining the appearance, texture and freshness.

SLB is a new generation of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) that is energy efficient, improves production speeds and operational simplicity while opening new market horizons. 

Hefestus' technology - the SLB™ - enables manufacturers to pack fresh-cut fruit & vegetables and extends shelf life up to fourteen days. The innovative system allows manufacturers and marketers to transport fresh-cut products to distant destinations. This can revolutionize the entire supply chain, from manufacturer to consumer via fewer returns or discards, lower cost and satisfied consumers. 

SLBTM Technology:
- No mechanical vacuum.
- No food gets stuck in the vacuum pipes to create contamination.
- No harm to products’ textures & appearances.
- The production rate is up to 60/min - faster than in any other MAP sealer.
- Applicable to all types of food.
- Extended Shelf Life of fresh/sensitive products. Store and deliver at room temp. or chilled.
- High performance - low and accurate oxygen levels. 
- Compact - better performance in significantly smaller machines for easy addition to, or in combination with, existing production lines.
- Low noise - makes a comfortable work environment.
- Major savings: low energy consumption, same or lower gas consumption.
- Versatility – use of the same head in any of our equipment.
- User friendly - Hefestus SLBTM machines are easy to operate and maintain.
- Fast change over/ set up/ tooling only 10 minutes - no special tools required!
- Compliance with "Green Trend"

Hefestus, Ltd., provides a wide variety of standard and custom-made machines, to meet the complex packaging requirements of processors and consumers alike.


Fourteen-Day Shelf Life for fresh fruits and vegetables

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