Ideal Foodpack

About us

Ideal Foodpack is a Romanian company founded in 2004.

Since then, our primary focus has been to consistently provide products and services that exceed customer requirements and expectations.
Our company currently manufactures a wide variety of food and beverage packaging (soup containers with lids, food and fruit boxes, menu trays, ice cream cups, and 8 oz paper cups with paper lids) from recyclable cardboard or paperboard obtained from renewable sources and responsibly managed forests.
The remarkable knowledge and experience gained from the company’s establishment until now has helped us to keep up with innovation and be proactive in developing and producing new types of packaging.

So, in addition to being among the few companies in the world that have the technology to produce paperboard packaging for yogurt and cultured dairy products, we are currently the only company in the world that offers a unique monomaterial solution for 8 oz paper cups: ECO-FRIENDLY PAPER RE LID-CLOSE LID, specially designed for the take away system.

Would you like to be among the first beneficiaries of our new lid? We assure you that your customers will enjoy the great look, the pleasant mouthfeel and the full recyclability of the paper lid instead of plastic.

Do you want to promote your business or gain more recognition and popularity? Think of product customization as a powerful form of advertising, a clear competitive advantage, or a strategy to keep a brand in consumers’ minds.

We are ready to give you satisfaction through creativity, innovation, and sustainable packaging solutions that meet the challenges of the future for the good of the environment.