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Quality and Product safety

Sustainability is an important component of the Ideal Foodpack company strategy, and this means assuming concrete responsibilities, commitments and objectives on all three fronts: Ecological, Economic and Social.

Our goal is to be seen as a socially and environmentally responsible organization that inspires and implements solutions that protect the environment while achieving commercial success for employees and shareholders. We have sustainability goals because we want to maximize the beneficial effects on all parties involved, while minimizing any negative effects our activities and products may have on the environment.

Quality and Product safety

We are aware that the key to combating climate change involves the use of renewable materials, resource-efficient and energy-efficient production processes. End users share our growing concern for the environment. A change in the value chain of the packaging and processing sector is being driven by evolving lifestyles and consumer demands. Consumers of today give their purchases careful consideration, not only for their quality but also for their sustainability. In fact, research demonstrates that a large number of consumers are prepared to spend more for goods with more sustainable packaging, for example.

Consumers that value ethics and sustainability are becoming more prevalent. Customers are choosing firms that have made investments in the sustainability of their goods and packaging at an increasing rate.

When it comes to sustainability, brands have a variety of objectives, but some of the most prevalent ones we see have to do with lowering carbon footprint and swapping out non-recyclable materials, primarily plastic. Paper packaging may be a fantastic solution in both situations, and we are currently developing new solutions and materials that are intended to improve the route to circularity in order to assist our customers in meeting the rising sustainability demands of the present and the future.

Thus, we decide to use recyclable virgin fibers from sustainably managed forests for our products. Our products adhere to market standards for price and performance while being physically constructed to maximize the use of resources and energy. Maintaining honest, open accounting methods and following rules are additional concerns for us. We choose partners who share our commitment to sustainability because, in addition to the sustainability of our own production processes and consumer choices, our suppliers and clients matter too and actively contribute to the ecological and financial sustainability that will be necessary for all of us in the future. We are among those who use sustainable techniques to satisfy the needs of the present without sacrificing the capacity of future generations to meet their own.

Sustainability is a systemic issue that requires attention from all parties involved.

Quality and certificates

At Ideal Foodpack, quality is an important attribute of constant concern to employees, management and shareholders.
For us, quality means meeting the needs of our customers by creating products that meet and exceed their requirements.

To ensure quality, we constantly invest in the latest equipment and technologies, implement new operating processes, adopt standardized procedures and share best practices.

Quality and responsibility are very important to us and that is why the certified management and related standards of our industry are firmly implemented in practice by all the employees of the company.

Our Certificates:

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 22000:2018
ISO 45001:2018
BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials
FSC® Mix
SMETA 4-pillars