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Cubo rectangular

Square cardboard box with detasabil lid suitable for any kind of fast food.
Can also be used for confectionery, pastries, rolls, buns, bagels, etc.

The two components are packed separately:
Case pack:
Boxes: 640 pcs / 16 sleeves
Lids: 1280 pcs/ 16 sleeves

Material: Coated Kraft Back Nude Aqua
Lining: Grease resistant
Dimensions: 219x154x75 mm
Box size: Rectangular


The rectangular cardboard box with removable lid, that can be used together or separately, is suitable for packaging various food products.
Ideal at the counter or take-away, perfect to eat directly from the package, light, strong and rigid, easy to use for delivery.
Excellent thermal insulation.
This premium looking box is made from exceptional quality cardboard with a grease resistant dispersion barrier to prevent grease transfer. Can be custom printed with high quality graphics and resolution to best suit for a brand or a personal style.

The lid can be used by itself to separate the food from the box for ease of consumption.
The generous size of the lid makes it possible to use it for food with a small volume as a substitute for a tray.

Safe for food packaging.

No plastic content!

Sustainable, renewable and recyclable packaging.


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Coated Kraft Back Nude Aqua


Grease resistant


219x154x75 mm

Box size