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Dairy cup 250 ml

Paperboard Packaging for Yogurt and Cultured Dairy

Material: SBS dairy board
Lining: PE coating
Diameter: 95 mm
Volume: 250 ml
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Paperboard Packaging for Yogurt and Cultured Dairy are made from a virgin fiber plate specially developed to maximize the taste and freshness of the products and to protect them in case of refrigeration or freezing.
It provides the same shelf-life performance as traditional plastic packaging, while improving the product’s sustainability profile
The technology used in the manufacture of these containers allows the creation of a complete barrier that prevents moisture absorption of the contents and a rim that guarantees a uniform sealing area for an effective seal.
Cups can be sealed with aluminum or PET lids and can be used immediately on existing dosing and packaging lines in the production process
They can be customized with high-quality graphics and resolution to differentiate the product on the shelf, promote the brand and improve the customer experience.
Available in 3 variants sizes : 150 ml, 250 ml, 420 ml.

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SBS dairy board


PE coating


95 mm


250 ml