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Round containers

Round containers suitable for  a wide range of foods such as porridge, soups, noodles, pasta, chilled
foods, ice cream and desserts.

Available in two sizes: 12 oz and 16 oz.

Material: Bleached cup board
Lining: PE coating
Diameter: 118 mm


Round containers are an excellent choice for serving a wide range of foods such as porridge, soups, noodles, chilled foods, pasta and desserts.

With PP lids or paper lids that fit and seal perfectly, they are suitable for retail, counter service, food service.
They are durable, lightweight and useful also for food delivery and takeaway.

Excellent thermal insulation.
This premium round container is made of exceptional quality cardboard which, thanks to the structure ennobled with Polyethylene (PE ), offers high rigidity and resistance for high functionality
It can be custom printed with high quality graphics and resolution to best suit a brand or personal style.

Safe for food packaging.

Sustainable, renewable and recyclable packaging.

Additional information


Bleached cup board


PE coating


118 mm