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Snack Tray ML

Cardboard food tray for serving fast food & street food.

Can be used also for bakery products, cakes, chips, BBQ, combo snacks, sweets. plant seeds, etc


Material: Coated Kraft Back Nude Aqua
Lining: Grease resistant
Dimensions: 220x130x46 mm
Case pack: 900 pcs / 9 sleeves


Cardboard food trays in a variety of sizes are perfect for serving fast food and street food.
They are great for hot foods such as hot dogs, barbecue, burgers, fish and chips, barbeque but their versatility does not end only with fast food.
It can also be used for bakery products, cakes, combined snacks, sweets, plant seeds, chips, etc.
Made from exceptional quality cardboard with a grease resistant dispersion barrier to prevent grease transfer and raised edges to keep the product in place without too much movement.
Stackable design makes them easy to store, allows saving storage space and offering a fast and efficient service for customers.
Ideal at the counter or as a package, perfect to eat directly from the package.

Safe for food packaging.

No plastic content!

Sustainable, renewable and recyclable packaging.


Additional information


Coated Kraft Back Nude Aqua


Grease resistant


220x130x46 mm

Case pack

900 pcs / 9 sleeves