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The environmentally friendly paper lid (An innovative reclosable lid solution)

As people become more and more aware of the risks associated with non-renewable plastics and more and more countries begin to pass laws banning plastic packaging, we propose a single-material solution for closing paper cups: a reclosable paper lid.

The patented paper lid has a circumferential groove that holds the lid securely around the so-called mouth rim of the glass and seals it tightly, a raised upper rim that retains residual liquid and facilitates easy reflux, and a vent hole that ensures a constant flow.

Paper lids
Paper lids

The uniqueness of our solution is given by the versatility of the drinking hole which has been predefined for two types of openings according to desire: a smaller opening for those who want to appreciate their coffee and a more generous opening with a special closure for those hurry up.

The paper lid is a refined option for closing coffee cups, which improves the packaging of the cups and can provide a competitive advantage or an opportunity for recognition and popularity, thanks to the possibility of printing the top and the edge of the lid.

With CapSure®, You get the following benefits and more…

  • Perfect fit of  8 or 12 oz drinking cups
  • Good mouthfeel when drinking
  • High-quality printing possible
  • Great look and feel
  • Paper instead of plastic
  • Completely recyclable
Paper lids

Without compromising on product quality and function !