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We are launching the production of cardboard yogurt cups…

…because we want to contribute to a more sustainable world and aim for a circular bioeconomy in which fossil-based materials are replaced by renewable and recyclable ones, considering the rapid increase in consumption and limited natural resources.

Our sustainable proposal, the cardboard yogurt cups, are made of a material obtained from virgin fibers with low carbon emissions, environmentally friendly, and specially created to keep yogurt fresh while maintaining a high standard of smell and taste neutrality, suitable for keeping frozen and refrigerated foods.

With this launch, we are pleased to join the select group of businesses that have the technology necessary to build a complete barrier that stops moisture from absorbing inside cups, shields food products from moisture loss, and enables the creation of a cup edge that provides an area of consistent sealing.

Our brand-new cardboard yogurt cup, a replacement for the current packaging that enables an 80% decrease in plastic, has a superior mechanical resistance, can be used right away on the current dosing and packaging processes, and enables extending the shelf life of the marketed product. So, the decision of our partners in the food industry to use the new packaging was a natural one, considering all these advantages and the wishes of customers to replace plastic with renewable alternatives. Another benefit, in addition to improving the consumer experience, which was very important in the choice of our partners, is the ability to differentiate items thanks to high-quality, high-resolution graphics, which can be produced without the use of additional labels or packaging, such that all these factors reinforce the yogurt company’s brand image of healthy food and a healthy world and make the obvious choice.

Do you want your business to stand out on the increasingly crowded store shelves and contribute to a more sustainable world?

We have the right solution!

Cardboard yogurt cup
Cardboard yogurt cup
Cardboard yogurt cup